Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creative supply chain

My mother taught me to save everything and make do. I certainly ignore that advice and add to my tools and stash often enough. But I also bristle at the price of some items or get excited to re-purpose things. Here are two small items that allow me to laugh at consumerism!

My mother's doctor's office supplies me with pattern paper. They can't always use the exam table paper freebies given to them by the pharmacy reps. You might be able to tell why in the picture:

Cracks me up every time I use it.

My dishwasher died recently (well OK, a year ago). I didn't like the utensil basket in the new one so I swapped my old one into the new dishwasher. That left me with a perfectly new utensil basket. I quickly (well OK, a few weeks ago) cut fleece remnants to fit the bottom of each section so things didn't fall out. It works great to corral my patternmaking and cutting tools:

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