Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dogs, Legos and clearing out scraps ...

Legos, Legos, everywhere!

Wanted to do some quick, immediate gratification projects today (instead of finishing the pants that need only a hook). The 21 year old boy was talking about needing an organization method for his (literally) thousands of Lego pieces.

I toyed with the idea for a while, and decided I could use the stiff interfacing I bought on a bolt in a lot at an auction. The pieces started out 5" squares, because I had it left over from his high school graduation quilt, and, I thought it would fit inside the under-the-bed plastic tub. Folded down the top about 1/4" before I serged it to make the edge stiff. We think it's too tall for easy access, so we folded it down. Not a bad prototype. Multiple sizes for multiple piece types might work. He's not sure, may try it for a while. Was a nice, quick project. Appropriately gratified, I moved on:

I've been watching my 11 year old poodle get grayer around the muzzle and more creaky when he gets up and down. I washed his bed a week or so ago and really noticed how beaten down the stuffing was. He's old, he's been a great hiking buddy, he deserves a soft bed. Like most things - I think how can I solve my problems with fabric? Well, I certainly have plenty of fabric - and a renewed interest in clearing out stuff. So, in 5 minutes I amassed quite the scrap pile of wools, fleeces, knits, cottons, even the remainder of a t-shirt I'd cut up for an earlier headband project. I also located a perfectly-sized piece of drapery lining to make the pillow case (yay! one huge cardboard tube gone too!).

The existing bed is 42" x 32" fake fur and fleece. I had just the right amount of drapery lining to fold into the pillow case. I used a weird peacock blue zipper I had on hand from somewhere (why did I have that and where did it come from?) and placed the zipper in one end, sewing around the other 3 sides. Squared up the pillow by sewing across the corners so when it's full, I can replace the pillow inside his bed with something washable.

I had a LOT of scraps ....

But they were too lumpy as-is, so I laid out piece after piece, whacking them into small bits with my rotary cutter.

The pile kept growing ...

It only filled it about a third of the way. I fluffed it in the dryer for a few minutes to get the bits distributed and separated. For now, I spread it out under the existing bed and it's much "cushier"! I think his old, creaky hips will appreciate it.  

Only on days when I sew do I feel like I accomplished anything. So this was an excellent day.

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