Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ereader cover - Part Deux

I was kinda excited when I found out my sister-in-law got a Nook for Christmas too. I decided after just a few days use, I already knew some corrections I needed to make to my Nook cover. Making one for her gave me a good excuse to play some more. Especially because I love quick projects! It turned out cute!

I increased the size of the cover in all directions a wee bit, but especially in the flap. And I added an elastic band to hold said flap in place. Here's a pretty bad picture of the band, but you get the idea:

Another improvement was to insert plastic mesh in both the front and back this time. I still have a small strap that's available to hook your hand or finger in when you read. But after reading a lot this weekend, I'm wondering if it needs placed at a different angle. 

I think adding a small pocket to the front or back outside would be better than the inside, for the charger cord. Less chance of damage to the screen I think. I also would like to add fleece or batting inside so the area on the edge (like the book binding) would be better protected.
Still, it's useful, and it was fun to play around making it!

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