Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ereader cover

Nearly immediately upon receiving my cool Nook for Christmas (from my awesome kids), I wanted to make a cover for it. My first attempt is serviceable, but needs some refinement. 

There are a few interesting things I did, and a few even worked fairly well:

  • Made a paper pattern and worked out some kinks there first.
  • Centered the fabric's design on the front cover 
  • Sandwiched plastic mesh in the front cover to give the screen a little more protection.
  • Attached the velcro BEFORE sewing front and lining together
  • Punting when I found I was out of black elastic, I used hair bands to attach the reader (' I wanted to get it done!)
  • Added a small pocket to the inside, because you can never have enough pockets
  • I made sure when I turned the cover to the back, the velcro would catch and hold it out of the way
  • Added a strap to said cover, so when it was conveniently turned to the back, I could slip my hand or a few fingers in it to comfortable hold the reader (yes, thanks to my favorite in-house librarian, I inserted elastic in the strap)

Things I would change:
  • Allow a tad more for "turn of the cloth"
  • Improve the closure - when I get out to get more elastic, I'm retrofitting it with a piece along the length of the closure
  • In fact, I'd increase the overlap flap another 3/4-1"
  • Add plastic mesh to the back too as its negligible weight doesn't add much bulk for a firmer feel 

It took about 4-5 hours from design to finish. Kinda cool, I think. 


  1. Cool!

    Any interest in trying out the improvements on a case for Lil's mini-tablet? It's an odd size and there aren't any decent cases available to purchase.

  2. that would be fun! I'll need dimensions :-)