Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend sewing (Jan 6-7): Saf-t-Pockets, Neck Gaiter and more Travel Cubes

The best way to feel like I'm actually sewing up the stash is to journal it. I used to take pictures (when you printed such things) and put them in a photo album. That was always nice to see my progress. Then I stopped doing that. I think because I stopped printing photos. Then I started the blog a couple years ago but didn't post much. Well, duh. This is a journal.

I enjoyed a weekend of classes with Marsha McClintock in November when she visited our guild. I bought a couple patterns. I made up the v-neck T-shirt Trifecta right away when I found a double-sided knit perfect for it (at Joann's. no, really. they actually had a nice quality fabric!). As is the style in her pattern line Saf-t-Pockets, there are pockets. (And really ... women's clothing should have more pockets!) Then I cut out the cowl neck pattern before Christmas. And it sat until now. In my defense, I did accomplish gift sewing of a pair of flannel pants and 3 fleece vests.

The cowl neck top's fabric was also double-sided: dots on one side, stripes on the other. I was going to do the striped side with the cool chevron effect but, sigh, I didn't pay attention to the stripe direction. One should not wear stripes going AROUND your hips. To save the work, I flipped it inside out to make it, skipped the pockets and used the stripes from the other side for fun. It's cozy.

Made a few more travel cubes using my newest method (which I had to look up my own instructions because I got myself confused). I timed it this time. Took about 30 minutes for one.

I'm planning on a trip in May and the weather may be if-fy. I've been haunting Pinterest for travel and/or convertible clothing. Among other things, I landed on a pattern for a neck gaiter that doubles as a balaclava. It's not necessarily for the trip, but it's cold in the Midwest, so I cut a piece of scrap Malden Mills 200 Fleece I had. Did a flat-felled seam. And when I was zig-zagging the edges, I slipped in some 3/8" clear elastic to help it keep it's stretch. It took maybe 30 minutes because I had to change thread and throw in a ball point needle. I think I will make it a few inches taller next time, but it works OK. Very easy to just keep your neck warm or pull up over your chin, ears and/or lower face. Easily folds and fits in a pocket. Finished size is 24" around and 13 inches tall. If I make it again, I'll make it a bit taller. This is my kidnapper look:

Lastly, this weekend, I made McCall's 5241. Only two pattern pieces and supposedly an hour to make it. I believe that would be true if you had the pattern cut out and pressed. And you'd already tested what to do on the edges. And you didn't try to watch a comedy at the same time. It took me about 2:20. Oh, and that included two (albeit short) phone calls. It's supposed to be flow-y and able to wear it multiple ways if made long. Um, no. Looks kinda dumb. I think I'll cut the front down (the back's short-ish, jacket length). It was fun though, because it's fast.


  1. I love the double knit secret pocket top...It makes me want to sew clothes again for myself. Isn't quilting enough? Yikes