Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big bag homage to an Ozzie

No real details, but here is my weekend project. I've never done a quilted bag before.
I even had to post to a question to Whistlepig Creek's blog mid-week, because they used quilter's jargon and acronyms. Thankfully, they were responsive. 

A week ago I picked up two Australian themed cottons at the sale of a fabric stash of a past ASG president who passed away last year. She was from Australia so this bag is my homage to Dallis.

I only had enough binding in white and didn't feel like making my own. While I liked the look of the white, I was concerned about it getting dingy with use. I solved it by using one of my few "fancy" stitches to decorate the binding. Took awhile but it was a great echo to the dots on the fabric. 
Thanks for the inspiration to try something new, Dallis. You were a kind, encouraging woman who had great  talent!

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